How To Ignore What People Say About You

You don’t have to. I mean, just ignoring might not help. And does it matter what people say about you?

You need to learn how to value yourself as a unique person and how to not depend on what others say or think about you. But it is tricky: you don’t want to be an outlaw, but free.

The first step is… learning more about you. What I mean, try to understand those things that make you worry — are they real? Do they matter anything to you? Are they are valuable to you?

Usually the first step is in taking or learning control of your mind: thoughts, motivation, desires — you don’t have to eliminate them, but try to see are they part of you? When you get some experience in thoughts control you will discover an interesting thing: you are not necessarily your thoughts, so there is no need for you to worry about them, their nature and their origin; and you don’t have to worry about what do people say about you, and what words caused some of your thoughts…

Does it matter what people say about you?
Does it matter what people say about you?

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