What Are The Causes Of Depression?

There can be many causes of depression, and we’re going to cover some of the most common of them according to different age groups and will touch depression in relationship slightly.

What Are The Causes Of Depression In Children?

Formally we can point to three main causes of kids’ depression:

1. Depression may be caused by the worsening of some infectious diseases (influenza, pneumonia, tonsillitis, etc.).

2. Kid’s depression may develop due to exposure to acute or chronic stress (death or serious illness of relatives, family breakdown, quarrel with family and friends, conflicts with peers, etc.).

3. Depression may start out without any apparent reason, and even with complete physical and social well-being as a background. This type of depression is often caused by disorders of biochemical processes in the brain.

As a separate group we can mention a so called seasonal depression, which is caused by seasonal changes. This is possible due to specific sensitivity to climatic conditions (this type of depression often occurs in children undergoing hypoxia, or who received various injuries in childbirth).

What Are The Causes Of Depression In Teenagers?

At the «dawn» of teenager years the first signs of depression may be due to lack of the ability to concentrate, problems with memory or social problems. As the time goes, the following causes arise that can become the potential cause of teenagers’ depression:

— Physical changes in the teenager’s body.

— First love experience.

— Difficulty in finding friends.

— Conflicts in school.

— Class or school changing.

— Inability to find one’s place in life/surrounding world.

— Poor student achievements.

— Examinations.

Adolescent depression is expressed mostly in deviant behavior. If your teenager child avoids any «problem» talks with you, does not look into your eyes during talking, expresses tension and not smiling when they used to, often being rude and impertinent without any significant cause, often gets locked in their room, or expresses happy hysteria over nothing, you might consider these to be the symptoms of teenagers depression.

What Are The Causes Of Depression In College Students?

The depression in college and university student is quite similar to that of teenagers; it is often caused by poor student performance, living conditions in a hostel, problems in relationships, especially those among different sexes, the need for money, the need to be recognized by the college mates, etc. Often students have more strength to overcome their depressions due to their maturity compared to teenagers, but since students enter adult life, the results of their depression may be more severe as well.

What Are The Causes Of Depression In A Relationship?

Causes of depression
Causes of depression

The depression in relationship between men and women has several main causes:

— The loss of sexual attraction.

— The growing difference in the personal interests and inclinations.

— Unjustified expectations.

— Personal conflicts.

— The need of money.

— The loss of social status.

— Diseases.

Actually there may be more causes, but these are the most prominent ones.

What Are The Causes Of Depression In The Elderly?

Well, there may be many reasons for depression in elderly people; the main one is due to general aging; there is depression caused by worsening health condition, losing dear relationships with loved ones or with children; the depression may be caused by psychological factors; climate and seasonal changes as well as different foods may also cause depression due to increased overall sensitivity of elderly people.

As you might have probably noticed, some of the causes may overlap, or one cause may be just a result of some other cause; for example, the health state worsening may lead to psychological problems that can cause depression, or a loss of social acceptance may lead to stress and stress is a well known cause of depression, etc. So sometimes such «digging» into various causes may help to expose the real or the original cause of the depression and help to find an appropriate treatment.

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